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"Mix it up in style with Permix industrial mixers! Whether blending powders, emulsifying liquids, or creating custom formulations, Permix has the perfect mixer to suit your needs. You can mix and match with a wide range of models and customisable options to create your ideal blend of functionality and efficiency. And let's face it, who doesn't love a good mix-up? So why settle for a mediocre mixer when you can have the cream of the crop? Check out Permix today and start making seriously sweet (or savory) creations!" 
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When it comes to TEC electric motors, it's all about a quality and reliable motor at a fair price. TEC motors are the perfect solution to keep your machinery running smoothly without sacrificing quality or reliability. Plus, their energy efficiency is sure to impress your bottom line. So, if you're ready to get more bang for your buck, it's time to give TEC motors a closer look. Your equipment - and your wallet - will thank you!" 
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The modular design of our popular dc motor range offers a high degree of flexibility to adapt to the driven machine and to fit into a restricted space. Our drop-in solution permits adaptation of footprint, shaft extension and flanges to match dimensions of almost all dc motors, our own range as well as others, new and old, in the market. This, in combination with our short and reliable delivery times, makes T-T Electric dc motor range the right choice also in the retrofit market. 
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In 1960s, Yaskawa Electric had produced distinctive DC servo motors one after another and came to commercialize AC servo motors in 1983 while making a new trend in the motor industry. Now, after more than thirty years, almost 100% operators in factory automation industry apply AC servo motors. Yaskawa’s industrial robots also apply AC servo motors manufactured in-house for their joints. 
Motors in general aim to work by rotating load continuously, however, servo motors also aim to respond to the target precisely and swiftly. By the way, do you know what “servo” means? The origin of the word is “servus” in Latin (or “slave” in English). Slaves obey the masters’ command and do as they are told. People started to use the word “servo” as it aims to control the target’s location, speed and route as it intended to. 
A dictionary describes, “a motor is a machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy.” In another words, the electrical energy is a “battery” and the mechanical energy is the “rotation.” To explain a motor physically, the well-known “Fleming’s left hand rule” is a good approach. When electric current flows through an electrical wire placed between two magnets facing with each other, it generates force. Electric current, magnetic field and motion respectively applies perpendicular directions each other just as when you open the middle finger (electric current), the forefinger (magnetic field) and the thumb (force) of your left hand respectively to mutually orthogonal axes. 
Then, why does electric current which flow through the electrical wire generate force? This is because when the electric current flows through the electrical wire, it generates magnetic field around. The magnetic field attracts or repels magnetic field from magnets, which generate force to move the electric wire. The electrical energy here is “electric current,” and the mechanical energy is “force.” 

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LSPM offers supreme performance and a state of the art technology. With its perfect match with S100 drive, LS provides total system solution for high energy saving. 
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