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Full Silos 

Until grain has been milled to flour and finally lands on the consumer’s table as bread or cake, the cereal grain must go through several production stages from the field to the bakery. This chain of procedures can be illustrated by a visit to the Nestelberger hulling mill and silo at Perg, Upper Austria, which now uses an automation solution incorporating VIPA and YASKAWA components. 
Electric Motors Online have booked stand D300 at the Drives and Controls Exhibition on the 21st to the 23rd April 2020 which takes place at the NEC Birmingham. 
If you would like some information on the products and services that Electric Motors Online suppy then please contact us on: 
Tel +44 (0) 2476 980833 
or If you would like more information on the Drives and Controls Exhibition 2020 please contact Andy Wylie on +44 (0) 1732 370340. 
APM100B (APM300B) and APM110 are kW- monitors with embedded functions for the control and supervision of AC-motor driven equipment. Units are suitable for mains supply up to 3x500V and include an integral current sensor for up to 80A ac. 
APM100B is a measurement transducer with analog outputs 0(4)-20 mA and 0(2)-10V. The kW range is programmed in steps of 0.1 kW up to a maximum of 70 kW. A kWh function is also available with isolated S01 output. 
APM300B is a 3 Phase version of APM100B which uses external current transformers. 
APM110 is a Load Monitor with 2 limits and 1 output relay. Limit 1 is a Max limit and Limit 2 is a Min limit. Measurement range/Limit 1 is digitally programable in kW in steps of 0.01/0.1 kW up to a maximum of 70 kW. Limit 2 is programmable from 20 to 80% of the measurement range in steps of 4%. The unit is equipped with Start timer and Response timers. 
APM110 has 3 digital inputs for Ext./Aut. Reset and for Limits Blocking. 
The new TECDrive IP66 VSD offers efficiency and motor control for demanding environments. 
TEC Motors has introduced an IP66 / NEMA 4X rated version of its general purpose TECDrive Variable Speed Drive (VSD). Offering the same energy savings, ease of installation and intuitive user experience as the standard model. The IP66 TECDrive VSD is specifically designed for tough applications where durability and reliability are paramount. 
The IP66 TECDrive VSD has been designed to work outside the control cabinet environment and can be mounted almost anywhere. It will withstand outdoor conditions and regular low-pressure washdowns thanks to its high ingress protection rating, tough polycarbonate enclosure and corrosion resistant heatsink. The enclosure is UV stable and impervious to dirt, grease, oils and weak acids, it also has a wide operating temperature range from -10°C to 50°C. 
A key advantage is its ease of installation, allowing general purpose users to start benefitting from energy savings and motor speed control quickly. There is a clear LED display with waterproof buttons for basic settings, plus, the option on every model to include a manual run / reverse switch and speed control potentiometer. There are four frame sizes available with power rating from 0.37kW single phase, up to 22kW three phase all available from UK stock. 
An integrated isolator switch is another practical option which can also save time and money by avoiding the need for external electrical isolation. These features make the drive a really effective alternative to mechanical speed control on simple machines, avoiding the cost and maintenance required by belts, pulleys and gearboxes. For more sophisticated distributed control systems, the drives are network compatible with Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, CAN open and Modbus RTU. 
The IP66 TECDrive delivers sensorless vector control for all types of IE2, IE3 and IE4 motors. There are 14 basic operational parameters in addition to useful automatic industrial, pump and fan management modes. Industrial mode is designed for high starting torque, pump mode provides constant or variable torque while fan mode is optimised to meet the high efficiency requirements of HVAC systems. 
Operators can also specify the Bluetooth ‘Optistick Smart’ rapid commissioning tool, a plug-in data stick that is ideal for quickly copying, backing-up or restoring drive parameters remotely using a PC or smartphone. Remote keypads, RJ45 accessories for fast Modbus connections, Ethernet modules, external EMC filters, input chokes and output filters are all also available. 
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Electric Motors Online, supply and repair all types & sizes of AC/DC Electrical Motors, Pump's & Gearboxes. 
Our range of motors can rotate at speeds of up to 3000 RPM (higher for short periods depending on load) and we offer a variety of options for mounting. Water and dust tight cooling fans mean the operating conditions can be preserved inside the unit in most working environments. Our motors come as standard with Class F insulation. Our AC Motor range are all Inverter rated Motors, so can be used with any of the inverters we supply. 
We have access to the largest stock of AC Motors in the UK, so we can provide a motor of up to 315kW on a next day service if required. If you require any assistance selecting your motor, please call us, we use these motors every day in our project and service work, for more information please contact our team on: 
Tel +44 (0) 2476 980833 
Or click on the motors and gearbox button for more information or the the Read More button to watch a short video. 
HPL500 Digital Motor Load Monitor 
The HPL500 replaces the HPL420 and also incorporates many new features, however it has been designed so that users of the HPL420 will be familiar with its set-up procedure. The display is used as a reference enabling true motor load, trip levels and all other variables to be displayed and programmed quickly and accurately using only three push buttons. For two speed motor applications an input allows the application to select the active limit 
The HPL500 is usually mounted in the motor control panel and is connected to a convenient point on the motor supply (before Inverter - if used). 
Therefore no external field wiring or sensors in the equipment are necessary. In addition to displaying true motor power in real time the units capture and, on demand, display the instantaneous minimum and maximum power levels to assist in setting up trip limits and fault diagnosis. The HPL500 features a current feed-through tube for measuring continuous motor currents up to 40 amps, (27.7kW at 3 x 400vac). Therefore no Current Transformer is required unless the motors continuous current exceeds 40A. 
A specially designed power supply (Patent Pending) allows the motor voltage to be programmable from 100 – 400vac single phase and 100 – 575vac 3-phase making the HPL500 suitable for world-wide use. 
The 0(4)-20ma analogue output, which is proportional to motor load, can be scaled to the range of measured power and can be inverted for use in closed loop control systems. 
Measures true motor load in kW (√3 x I x V x Cosφ) and futures a digital display of kW% and kW, and programmable trips for over and/or under load events 
Can be programmed to calculate Shaft Output Power P2 if required 
Protects equipment from damage caused by the motor running against a jam, blockage or under load 
Used in processes to trigger actions when predetermined load levels are reached (end point monitoring) 
Three digital delay timers, programmable from 0.1-99.9 seconds are incorporated to time out motor start surge and short duration over and under power events which could cause nuisance tripping 
Two output relays are individually programmable, over or under-load alarms 
Output relay state (NO or NC) can also be programmed 
All settings are key-lock protected 
Used for the over/under load protection of: Pumps (dry run, closed valve), Fans (broken belt, closed damper), Conveyors (screw and belt) Separation screens, Macerators, Scrapers, Mechanical drives (gearboxes, chains) 
Also suitable for Process Control, PLC and SCADA input 
CE, UL and GOST-R 
For more information please contact Electric Motors Online: 
Tel +44 (0) 2476 980833 
or click on the Read More button for more information. 

Inverters for controlling variables in HVAC-R systems 

Good management of measurement and control of process variables in an HVAC system is essential because it provides technical benefits as well as considerable returns on investment. 
Accurate measurement, rapid response, efficiency, and advanced control are fundamental tasks of products with high technology content. They improve the Life Cycle Cost of systems and guarantee correct operation of the entire process. 
In an HVAC-R (Heat - Ventilation - Air - Conditioning & Refrigeration) system, good management of measurement and control of process variables is fundamental for economic sustainability and system efficiency. 
In this field, control valves (despite their known disadvantages) are still used to manage flows. Using these devices with a motor whose speed can’t be controlled and that always runs at 100% causes the valves and mechanical parts to age quickly, with consequent loss of system efficiency. 


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