Kingdom Products Ltd supply quality goods and services to the HVAC/R industries 

Kingdom stock 1000's of Fractional Horsepower Electric Motors, Fan Wheels, Fan Blades, Motorised Axial Units and Capacitors 
Their ethos is to give impeccable customer service whether you are buying one product for your domestic heater or are looking for an ongoing supply of large numbers of product for an OEM 
This is a brief overview of the Kingdom product range, for more information contact us on 02476 980833. 

KD Range 

KD range (also known as 48 Range). 126mm diameter body. Single or double shafted models. Multi speed models. 230V and 3 phase models. 

External Rotor .... 

External rotor motors commonly used in overdoor crossflow units. We also stock a range of tangential fan wheels to suit. 

KB Range 

(Also known as 35 Range) 105mm dia body. Single or double shafted models. Multi speed models. 2, 4 & 6 pole models. Various shaft diameters. 

KDD Centrifug .... 

A range of complete centrifugal blower units. With fan wheel sizes ranging from 9" x 7" to 12" x 12" 

KX Axials 

Our range of axials from 250mm to 630mm. Single phase or three phase. Blower or Sucker, 2, 4 & 6 pole models available. 

Fan Wheels 

Double and single inlet , Aluminium or Steel fan wheels from 101mm to 320mm diameter. 'Ladder strip' or 'tablock' construction 

Compact Axial 

A range of small Compact Axial units from 92mm sq. to 120mm sq. 

Fan Blades 

Fan blades with steel hubs and aluminium blades ranging from 305mm to 610mm 


A range of 'run' and 'start' capacitors from 1mfd to 250mfd 

KF Range 

Also known as B56 or 60 Range, these motors are 'foot & flange' mount and range from 180W to 1500W 

Brushless DC ... 

Brushless DC motor for use in EC Fan Coil Units 

Multifit Motors 

Our own range of Mutifit motors from 5W quality ball bearings for longer life and 1.5M leads 

Tangential W .... 

A range of 100mm diameter fan wheels for use in air curtain applications 

EC Refrigerati ..... 

20W Electrically Commutated motor can be used instead of multifit motors from 5W to 25W. The price is higher but the efficiencies are greater 

KE Range 

142mm dia. body. Multi-speed and reversible. Used in centrifugal blower units. 

'Forefinger' Fan 

A new type of belt-driven centrifugal fan with cleverly designed housing and outlet to reduce turbulence and increase efficiency 

DON'T KEEP ON GOING ROUND AND ROUND contact us for more information about the Kingdom Products Tel 02476 980833 

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