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Each silo contains cement of particular type specifications. One or several silos will contain a particular type of cement product. Most manufacturers or shippers of cement powder will have multiple storage silo level applications. Bins are generally fed 
pneumatically, or via air slide from a process or delivery vehicle. Product is normally removed from the silos via pneumatic transfer pipe or ‘clam shell’ or slide gate a downstream product manufacturing process, or road or rail truck. 
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Alan Ansic, Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK), Australia, outlines microwave protection for safeguarding coal shiploaders. 
The Unipower HPL110 is a „low-cost“ member of a family of „Intelligent Power Control Units“. The unit measures true 
power consumtption and shows the consumption as a percentage of the selected power-range. The power consumption (kW) is calculated from the following formula: 
P = √3 x U x I x Cosϕ 
The primary function of the HPL110 lies in the supervision and control of machinery driven by 3-phased AC-motors. The HPL110 integrates a Max. and/or a Min. kW limit detector plus the support functions necessary to establish the efficient and compact supervision or regulation of various types of machinery such as pumps, ventilators and conveyer belts. The HPL110 has a built in current converter that works up to 8 Amp. 
The Kingdon Products KX range for condensers, evaporators and other axial air moving applications are all ErP compliant. Our axial blade diameters start at 250mm and go to 630mm, with most available in both sucking and blowing air directions, single and 3 phase supply. The KX range is supplied on a basket guard but can often be fitted to your old guard if your application is OEM specific. We hold adaptor plates in stock if needed. Other sizes available to order. 
Blade sizes from 250mm to 630mm 
Terminal box or Flying lead 
Sucker and Blower airflow 
2, 4 & 6 pole speeds 
ErP compliant 
IP54 rating 
Thermally protected 
Single and Three Phase 
Basket guard or Flat guard 
Single phase supplied with capacitor 
Three phase can be wired for either low or high voltage 
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