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Melt pressure sensors and high-temperature pressure transducers and transmitters are available with mercury* filling, with FDA-approved fluid, and in fluid-free versions. Ideal for extrusion and injection applications. 
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Inverters for controlling variables in HVAC-R systems 

Good management of measurement and control of process variables in an HVAC system is essential because it provides technical benefits as well as considerable returns on investment. 
Accurate measurement, rapid response, efficiency, and advanced control are fundamental tasks of products with high technology content. They improve the Life Cycle Cost of systems and guarantee correct operation of the entire process. 
In an HVAC-R (Heat - Ventilation - Air - Conditioning & Refrigeration) system, good management of measurement and control of process variables is fundamental for economic sustainability and system efficiency. 
In this field, control valves (despite their known disadvantages) are still used to manage flows. Using these devices with a motor whose speed can’t be controlled and that always runs at 100% causes the valves and mechanical parts to age quickly, with consequent loss of system efficiency. 
Gefran’s model 650 – 1250 - 1350 PID temperature controllers, in format 48 x 48, 48 x 96 and 96x96mm (1/16th, 1/8th and 1/4 DIN) are full of advanced functions. 
On Gefran’s new controllers, everything can be customized: cfaceplate color, display, operator messages, logo, and use of the bargraph (1250/1350). 
Attributes, such as, character size, black/white contrast, and the combination of different message colors, guarantees excellent readability even at a distance. 
There are three configuration methods: from keyboard in only 7 steps, from PC with our free to download GF_eXpress configurator software , and from the Zapper portable configurator.. 
The temperature profiles can be set in 12 steps, grouped and saved in 4 programs with trigger inputs and programmable event outputs. 
Outputs can be programmed to indicate when the actuators ( relay, ssr, IR lamps ) are close to the lifetime limits and maintenance is needed. 
The Energy Monitor function monitors the electrical consumption of the process and signals any faults. 
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The magnetic strain gauge sensor QE1008-W measure the surface-strain directly at the mounting location in the same quality as bonded strain gages. 
The magnetic press-on technology, developed by Sensormate AG, presses the strain gauges under the stainless protective film so strongly against the surface to be measured that frictional contact occurs. 
The mounting of the sensor is non-destructive, very fast and simple. 
Direct measurement of surface strain 
Quick and non-destructive assembly with magnetic press-on technology 
High accuracy and linearity in tension and pressure (like bonded strain gauges) 
Ideal for use on presses, injection-moulding and die-casting machines 
Application on tie bars with a diameter of 45mm or higher and flat surfaces 
Dynamic applications 
Without amplifier (passive) 
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Thanks to forty years of experience, Gefran is the world leader in the design and production of solutions 
for measuring, controlling, and driving industrial production processes. 
The Gefran range of products is now available from Electric Motors Online. 
Gefran components are a concentration of technology, the result of constant research and of cooperation with major research centres. 
For this reason, Gefran is synonymous with quality and expertise in the design and production of: 
sensors for measuring main variables such as temperature, pressure, position and force 
state-of-the-art components and solutions for indication and control, satisfying demands for optimisation of 
processes and intelligent management of energy consumption 
automation platforms of various complexities 
electric drives to control AC, DC, and brushless motors used in modern plants for industrial automation and civil lift engineering 
Gefran’s know-how and experience guarantee continuity and tangible solutions. 
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Electric Motors Online are a Family Run Business located in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. 
We pride ourselves on our product knowledge experience and the service that we provide, 24 hour a day, seven day’s a week 365 day’s a year. 
With over 30 years of experience in the Electric motor and automation industries we are distributors and resellers for a large number of major manufacturers: 
Electric motors 
Yaskawa inverter drives 
TEC inverter drives 
TECO inverter drives 
Crompton Controls, motor starters 
Gefran, Controllers, indicators and sensors 
Baumer, Encoder 
Kingdom Products, fans, fan spares and motor capacitors 
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