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APM100B (APM300B) and APM110 are kW- monitors with embedded functions for the control and supervision of AC-motor driven equipment. Units are suitable for mains supply up to 3x500V and include an integral current sensor for up to 80A ac. 
APM100B is a measurement transducer with analog outputs 0(4)-20 mA and 0(2)-10V. The kW range is programmed in steps of 0.1 kW up to a maximum of 70 kW. A kWh function is also available with isolated S01 output. 
APM300B is a 3 Phase version of APM100B which uses external current transformers. 
APM110 is a Load Monitor with 2 limits and 1 output relay. Limit 1 is a Max limit and Limit 2 is a Min limit. Measurement range/Limit 1 is digitally programable in kW in steps of 0.01/0.1 kW up to a maximum of 70 kW. Limit 2 is programmable from 20 to 80% of the measurement range in steps of 4%. The unit is equipped with Start timer and Response timers. 
APM110 has 3 digital inputs for Ext./Aut. Reset and for Limits Blocking. 


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