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Linear scales and optical glass discs manufactured at Precizika Metrology facilities go through various quality check procedures throughout the production process. This time-lapse video showcases a glimpse inside the department during the final stages of quality control before the product is packed and shipped to the customer! 
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Melt pressure sensors and high-temperature pressure transducers and transmitters are available with mercury* filling, with FDA-approved fluid, and in fluid-free versions. Ideal for extrusion and injection applications. 
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APM100B (APM300B) and APM110 are kW- monitors with embedded functions for the control and supervision of AC-motor driven equipment. Units are suitable for mains supply up to 3x500V and include an integral current sensor for up to 80A ac. 
APM100B is a measurement transducer with analog outputs 0(4)-20 mA and 0(2)-10V. The kW range is programmed in steps of 0.1 kW up to a maximum of 70 kW. A kWh function is also available with isolated S01 output. 
APM300B is a 3 Phase version of APM100B which uses external current transformers. 
APM110 is a Load Monitor with 2 limits and 1 output relay. Limit 1 is a Max limit and Limit 2 is a Min limit. Measurement range/Limit 1 is digitally programable in kW in steps of 0.01/0.1 kW up to a maximum of 70 kW. Limit 2 is programmable from 20 to 80% of the measurement range in steps of 4%. The unit is equipped with Start timer and Response timers. 
APM110 has 3 digital inputs for Ext./Aut. Reset and for Limits Blocking. 

Inverters for controlling variables in HVAC-R systems 

Good management of measurement and control of process variables in an HVAC system is essential because it provides technical benefits as well as considerable returns on investment. 
Accurate measurement, rapid response, efficiency, and advanced control are fundamental tasks of products with high technology content. They improve the Life Cycle Cost of systems and guarantee correct operation of the entire process. 
In an HVAC-R (Heat - Ventilation - Air - Conditioning & Refrigeration) system, good management of measurement and control of process variables is fundamental for economic sustainability and system efficiency. 
In this field, control valves (despite their known disadvantages) are still used to manage flows. Using these devices with a motor whose speed can’t be controlled and that always runs at 100% causes the valves and mechanical parts to age quickly, with consequent loss of system efficiency. 


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