Principle of Operation 
The ORCA Sonar Bed Level transducer emits a high powered acoustic pulse, which is reflected from the interface density selected. The reflected signal is processed using specially developed software algorithms, that eliminate lighter floating densities and stratified layers, allowing measurement of RAS or BED levels. It can be calibrated to measure lighter densities like FLOC or one of the outputs could be used for a CLARITY output, similar to a basic turbidity transmitter measuring solids in suspension. By choosing the correct sonar transducer frequency, the ORCA sonar guarantees the optimized performance when measuring both light and heavy density interfaces. 
Primary Areas of Application 
Sewage & Wastewater Primary Sedimentation - Blanket level 
Secondary and final Clarifiers - RAS Blanket and fluff/pin floc layer 
Thickeners and DAF – Bed level and clarity of water 
Sequential Batch Reactors – Blanket monitoring (floating sonar) 
Lagoons – Bed sludge level 
Lamella Clarifier – Bed level and floc level 
Mining/Process Clarifiers, thickeners, CCD’s, settling ponds/lagoons, water treatment, carbon columns 
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ORCA Sonar System Sludge and Settling Level Interface Monitoring 
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