Unipower, HPL110, Digital Load Monitor Min/Max 3x380-440V DIN Rail

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HPL110 Digital Load Monitor, 3x380Vac, 3x415Vac, 3x400Vac, 3x440Vac Supply, From Unipower



The Unipower HPL110 is a „low-cost“ member of a family of „Intelligent Power- Control Units“. The unit measures true power-consumtption and shows the consumption as a percentage of the selected power-range. The power- consumption (kW) is calculated from the following formula:

P = √3 x U x I x Cosϕ

The primary function of the HPL110 lies in the supervision and control of machinery driven by 3-phased AC-motors. The HPL110 integrates a Max. and/or a Min. kW limit detector plus the support functions necessary to establish the efficient and compact supervision or regulation of various types of machinery such as pumps, ventilators and conveyer belts. The HPL110 has a built in current converter that works up to 8 Amp.

Technical Specifications

Voltage Range
See Technical info on the unit
Also availible:
3 x 120 VAC -> 3 x 575 VAC

Current Range
Internal: max. 8 Amp.
External: N/1 or N/5 converter.

Cosϕ ϕ Range: : 0-1

Frequency Range: 45-65 Hz.

Supply = measuring voltage, 2 VA.

Makrolon 8020 (30% GV), UL94V-1
Makrolon 2800, UL94V-2 (connector + front).

Snap-on construction for 35mm DIN
rail mounting or panel mounting.

Protection Class
IP40 (house).
IP20 (connector).

Temperature Range: -15 - +50 oC

Weight: Approx. 400g.

Dimensions: D110 x W56 x H75 mm.
CE-mark to:

EN61326-1, EN61010-1

UL certified:
UL508, File E194022

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