About PerMix 

PerMix is a cooperative venture with the famous Srugo family in Israel, who has been active and reputed in mixing technology since 1954. PerMix’s strong advantage over other competitors!n this text to edit it. 

Product Range 

- Solid Blending & Drying Equipment 
- Dough Kneading Mixers 
- Vacuum Emulsifying Mixers 
- High Shear Mixers & Agitators 
- Other Process Equipment 

Design Capability 

Other than supplying our standard product range, PerMix is able to design “tailor-made” process equipment to solve customers' individual problems by translating process parameters into soundly engineered and reliable mechanical equipment. 

Workshop Tour 


Powder Blending & Drying 
Paddle Mixer 
Ploughshare Mixer 
Ribbon Blender 
Fluidized Zone Mixer 
Conical Screw Mixer 
Vertical Ribbon Mixer 
High Speed Mixer Granulator 
V-shaped Mixer 
Double Cone Mixer 
3D Mixer 
Drum Hoop Mixer 
Vacuum Mixer Dryer 
Nutsche Filter Dryer 
Paste Mixing & Kneading 
Sigma Kneader Mixer 
Double Planetary Mixer 
Multi-shaft Vacuum Mixer 
Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer 
High Speed Disperser 
Liquid Dispersing & Mixing 
High Shear Emulsifying Mixer 
Inline Emulsifying Mixer 
Powder Liquid Mixer 
Shear Pump 
Liquid Agitator 
Jet Agitator & Disperser 
Contra Rotating Mixer 
Magnetic Mixer 
Vacuum Deaerator 

Liquid Dispersing & Mixing 

Inline Emulsifier Mixer 
PerMix PC series Inline Emulsifier Mixer also works with a stator/rotor working head as the High Shear Mixer, but it is applied for inline or continuous operation. 

Inline Emulsifier Mixer (Single Stage) 

Inline Emulsifier Mixer (Three- Stage) 

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