Principle of Operation 
The transmission of high powered acoustic waves ensures minimal losses through the environment where the sensor is located. Due to the high powered emitted pulse, any losses have far less effect than would be experienced by traditional ultrasonic devices. More energy is transmitted hence more energy is returned. Advanced receiver circuitry is designed to identify and monitor low level return signals even when noise levels are high. The measured signal is temperature compensated to provide maximum accuracy to the outputs and display. 
Typical Applications. 
Primary Areas of Application 
Level Measurement - Waste water/water: 
River level, wet wells, inlet screens, tanks, sumps, pump stations, water towers, dams, basin levels, chemical storage, etc. 
Level Measurement - Mining: 
Crushers, surge bins, ore passes, conveyor profile, blocked chute, stockpile, stackers, reclaimers, storage silos etc. 
Level Measurement - Power Stations: 
Boiler bunkers, raw coal bunkers, ash pits, fly ash silos, etc. 
Food, cement, plastics, grain, chemicals, paper, irrigation, quarries 
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