JVL is the world leader within integrated servo and stepper motors. We offer two complete ranges: ServoStep all-in-one stepper motors from 0.36 to 25Nm and MAC motor all-in-one servo motors from 50-4500W.  All motors are designed for IIoT and are industry 4.0 ready and all major industrial Ethernet protocols are supported: Profinet, EtherNet/IP, Sercos, EtherCat, Powerlink and Modbus TCP/UDP 
Key Features 
Absolute multiturn encoder 
Automatic current-control (less heat) 
0-3000 RPM in 0.01 RPM steps 
Smooth and silent running 
Very high torque as standard 
Ultra high torque as option 
STO SIL3 option (safe torque off) 
Embedded Ethernet switch 
High positioning precision 
100% automatic setup 
Doubleshaft available 
Protection upto IP65 
Supply voltage 7-72VDC 
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