The GA700 is the start into a new generation of YASKAWA drives for industrial applications. Compact in size and loaded with new features that make the installation and setup simple as never before, the GA700 is the right choice for success in nearly any application. 
One drive controlling any induction, permanent magnet or synchronous reluctance motor 
Built in EMC filter, DC choke, braking chopper reduce panel space 
Easy motor setup without the need for auto-tuning simplifies tuning with connected machinery 
Effortless Network Integration by support of all major networks with cost effective gateway feature 
Reduced set-up time with an intuitive keypad, navigation and start-up wizards 
Keypad with automatic parameter backup function, real time clock, data logger and copy unit 
Powerful DriveWizard PC tool for drive management, start-up, programming and failure analysis 
DriveWorksEZ for programming tool for extending functionality by logic programming 
Cloud-connected DriveWizard Mobile app for drive management on smartphones and tablets. 
Convenient commissioning by programming without main power from PC or Android Smart Phone 
Increased safety and reliability with built in STO SIL3 functional safety 
Side-by-side and heatsink out the back mounting for minimum panel size and optimized cooling 
Ambient temperature of 50 °C without derating (IP20), max 60 °C with derating 
Meets Global Standards 
For more information contact Electric Motors Online: 
Tel +44 (0) 2476 980833 
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