Designed as direct fit form and function replacement for obsolete Peek, Rosemount, or Thermo instrument models. 
Highly versatile process condition monitor capable of the simultaneous reading of up to 24 analogue process signals. 
30 process signal types from mA and mV to RTD and Thermocouples with software selectable scaling and linearization’s. 
Each channel is equipped with software strategies for Alarming and Logging providing the user with an array of possibilities for process monitoring. 
Each Channel has a dedicated microprocessor for high speed data acquisition. 
The dual channel I/O cards are built on the proven Field 1000PLUS platform and feature high quality analogue components and 24 bit ADC, giving the best accuracy and thermal stability. 
Analogue Output repeat facility with user defined rescaling available with optional Analogue Output daughter board. 
Touch-screen interface for Channel card monitoring, local interrogation, alarm acknowledgement and system configuration. 
Auxillary communications options available for RS232, RS485 (MODBUS RTU/JBUS) allowing 5000 units to be interfaced to DCS & SCADA systems. 
Available in 6, 12 and 24 channel models 
Can be configured from factory for plug and play site installation. 
Power Requirements 
24V dc ±10%, 5 – 48 Watts, 90 to 250V ac (50-60Hz) 
I/O Card Options 
Analogue Retransmission Daughter Board, Dual Change-Over Relay Daughter Board 
Linear Ranges 
±1.00V, ±100mV, ±10V, ±2.00V, ±200mV, ±20mV, ±20V, ±5.00V, ±500mV, ±50mV, 0-25.6mA, Resistance 0 – 450Ω 
Thermocouple Ranges 
Type B, Type C, Type E, Type J, Type K, Type L, Type N, Type R, Type S, Type T, Type U 
RTD Ranges 
Cu10, Cu30, Ni120, PT100, Pt20, Thermistor 
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